Who am I? My name is James Harrison. I recently learned about what has been going on in the lawsuit filings against the maker of Taxotere. I was shocked by the heartlessness and deception of Sanofi-Aventis, and was moved to create this site to help the victims.
Here I hope to provide accurate information on the cases as they arise and help give the necessary resources to those who need it. The Taxotere Lawsuit Aid is a passion project of mine as it is hurtful to see people being taken advantage of in this way.
Many people look to their doctors as authority figures to help them make the best decisions, but many of the medical professionals who used this treatment on their patients were aware of the permanent side effects it would have on these women.
Not only do they have to deal with surviving cancer, but also with deception on the part f doctors and pharmaceutical companies who cause permanent damage to increase their profits.

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