The big question on a lot of people’s minds is: have there been any taxotere settlements, and for how much?

Current Standing

So far there have not been any settlements for these cases. What is currently happening are what is called bellwether trials. These are basically trials held in court to test the waters. It is common for these to occur then there are a large number of tort cases for the same issue.

However, you should begin the legal process immediately if you want to have access to any claims or damages compensation in the future (see the next subheading for why)

The more of these there are, however, the more likely this will become a class-action case.

While some may be discouraged by this, that is not necessarily bad news. These things can take time and this is just a normal part of how this process works. If you have experienced permanent alopecia after receiving taxotere, then it would be a good idea to speak to a lawyer about it.

Most lawyers offer free consultations on this where they can explain what your options are and how these cases are proceeding. Then can tell you more accurately and give you more up to date information on these taxotere settlements and how things are moving along.

Also, there can be differences from one state to another, so it is advised you speak to an attorney in your area about it to get your bearings about the taxotere lawsuit climate in your state

Why You Should Get Started Now

It is a good idea to begin the legal process as early as possible so that can can be eligible to participate in and class-action settlements in the future. If you are not already in the legal process when the claims against Sanofi-Aventis are filed, you may not be able to participate.

Once you speak to a lawyer, the legal team will have to order medical records and have them reviewed by the appropriate non-involved third-party medical professional. They will be able to determine whether your medical records show you qualify for further legal action and make sure that you do so within the deadlines mandated by your state. This, again, is a good reason why you want to speak to a local attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

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